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Name the things mentioned on this program that haven’t happened.

I am so sick of “Glenn Beck crazy man” – name the things I’ve talked about on this program that haven’t happened.

Glenn Beck show, 7-23-2010, minute 6

July 24, 2010   1 Comment

The Financial Reform Bill

Now we’re passing this bill today – 2300 pages financial reform bill – do you know what’s in it? Naw, don’t worry about it – we gotta pass it to find what’s in it.

…who was it drafted by? Oh yeah, Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd. These are the guys who helped collapse Fannie and Freddie. They worked side by side with community organizing groups like Acorn to give loans to people who didn’t qualify for them. But good news – not only have we not fixed the problem – or punished the people involved – we’ve allowed these guys to go in and institutionalize that method in the bill to collapse the economy. Not just your 401k.

Glenn Beck Show, 7-15-2010, minute 16

July 15, 2010   No Comments

Not Racist – Not Violent – No Longer Silent

Use Twitter – Use Facebook – In fact I want you to get on right now – I want you to write this I want you to spread this – you put this as much as you can – everywhere you can. <screen goes black with these white letters>

Not Racist

Not Violent

No Longer Silent

Put the message everywhere you can.

Glenn Beck Show, 4-23-2010 minute 16

April 23, 2010   No Comments

Go read the original sources.

Woman asks the question:

Glenn Beck, what can we do as lay people to have a voice in the curriculum of history in our schools, starting with elementary school but certainly when you get to American History?

Claudia Nelson asks:
As president of, I’m trying to fight the indoctrination of our children. What is the number one way to go about that?

Glenn Beck:
Home School. Are you a homeschooler? What was nuts 25 years ago is essential today.

The best thing you can do is try to convince your school to go to original sources, because once you go to original sources, there’s no thing.

Oh really, really? Tell me about these men

(here Beck points to pictures of Samuel Adams, George Washington, and Ben Franklin, icons for virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity)

I just want to have their own words taught in school – what’s your argument against that?

Oh, there’s no context.

No, their own words will provide the context.

That’s what needs to happen. I’ll tell you, I have sat with a group of college students at a private university that only teaches original sources – these kids are off the charts smart. They can think in ways that I’ve never met other Americans that think this way. It is incredible, because they read these original sources and then say “Okay, well what does that really mean” instead of having a professor or a textbook say “Now, this is what it REALLY MEANS”.

April 2, 2010   2 Comments

How do we determine who are the Progressives? We need to know before November.

Glenn: This is really really simple. Are they for health care? Are
they for cap and trade? Are they for bigger or smaller government?

Glenn Beck Show, April 2, 2010 minute 25

April 2, 2010   No Comments

Their provocations are purposeful, stick with non-violence.

<Admin:  This continues the often repeated theme of Glenn Beck:  Do not resort to violence and do not associate with people or groups that propose or talk about such things>

Beck on the radio:

Why do you think they slap you down on healthcare and just as you’re getting up, they punch you in the face with immigration? Why do you think they are being so divisive? If you are a loving parent and you discipline your child, the first thing you do is hug them so you are not estranged from that child, so your child doesn’t say, “My daddy doesn’t love me.” But what have they done? They gave us a spanking on healthcare and then they punched us in the face. They want you to say “Daddy doesn’t love me.” They need you to be estranged from them. They need you to pick up a gun or a bomb. They need you to break the law. They need you to become them in the 1960s. They need you to do it. Because they know America does not support those kinds of people and they have become legitimate. They have dropped the radical pose for the radical ends, and they are making you the radical. Do not play into their game.

March 24 radio show 14:14 ET

March 25, 2010   No Comments

Warning signs of Progressives in your Church

<Admin>  Beck is asking people to look at the documents, web sites and words of people in their church for these words.  The use of these phrases imply Progressives generally.  A few days prior, Beck suggested leaving churches which showed signs of contamination of Progressivism and/or which linked to communist or socialist sites.


Here’s  clear warning signs (the use of the words):

  • social justice
  • economic justice
  • or ecological justice

Glenn Beck Show, March 22, 2010 approximately 5 minutes in

March 23, 2010   2 Comments

Three influential books Glenn Recommends 02/25/2010

Pe ople ask me all the time “what should I read, where should I look, how should I improve myself, how can I figure things out”,  … these three things-This is the best way to start – these books influenced me in the last year and I didn’t know they were written by my best friends until a few weeks ago.   The Age of the Unthinkable, which I talked to you about a year ago,  about eight months ago I taled to you about Survivor Club, and then America’s Prophet.  It is

  1. think out of the box
  2. how to survive
  3. the importance of God

it’s amazing – because it’s Step one, step two, step three.

  1. The Age of the Unthinkable by Joshua Cooper Ramo
  2. Survival Club by Ben Sherwood
  3. America’s Prophet by Bruce Feller

Glenn Beck Show, Thursday 02/25/2010

February 25, 2010   No Comments

The story of America.

The story of America is really one of self-reliance and optimism, and profound faith. Not only in the context of religious freedom, but also in the unprecedented faith in the ability of human beings to control their own destiny.

And while the spirit of personal responsibility was extraordinarily strong with our founders, great patriots like Thomas Paine, he argued for redistribution of wealth right off the bat. Alexander Hamilton, he wanted a central bank. Well, they wound up losing those battles but there were plenty who kept can on fighting.

The Constitution kept those dogs at bay for better part of 200 years. But, eventually, those seeking a different path than the ones the founders settled on realized the only way to really defeat the Constitution was for the people to stop reading it. Progressives realized victory required changing history. To defeat them, we have to correct that.

Glenn Beck Show, 1/22/2010

February 25, 2010   No Comments

The Problem with the Tea Party Movement

The New York Times did this story  today, because the Tea Party movement is  powerful.  It is making a difference….

But  you know what – Here’s the problem with the Tea Party movement – all movements – all movements – this could be Republican, Democrat, all of them.

If you have the movement here, centered on the Constitution and common sense, you ‘ve got a few people here,  and over here, left and right, who wouldn’t mind hijacking this movement – hijacking the movement for crazy people, or for people just in bed with the GOP, or the  DNC

the movement that America is looking for is about independance.  Some people want to co opt the 90% in the center- you gotta not be co opted -others are trying to making the people in the 90% just look like the fringes – either way it’s not good – you must resist the urge to just get somebody electedthat’s not that guy – you must stand on principle.

We move forward in America with honor.  If we don’t we’ll just repeat the mistakes that got us to this point and that – that would be crazy.

Glenn Beck Show, Tuesday, 02-16-2010 min 38

February 21, 2010   No Comments