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The Financial Reform Bill

Now we’re passing this bill today – 2300 pages financial reform bill – do you know what’s in it? Naw, don’t worry about it – we gotta pass it to find what’s in it.

…who was it drafted by? Oh yeah, Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd. These are the guys who helped collapse Fannie and Freddie. They worked side by side with community organizing groups like Acorn to give loans to people who didn’t qualify for them. But good news – not only have we not fixed the problem – or punished the people involved – we’ve allowed these guys to go in and institutionalize that method in the bill to collapse the economy. Not just your 401k.

Glenn Beck Show, 7-15-2010, minute 16

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Glenn Beck kicks ACORN spokesman off his set over racial accusation

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The New York Times Time Machine

Take it from the New York Times.   Course they are a little late to the Glenn Party….if you want the news, maybe you should stop reading the Times.  Because they are a little bit behind the times.  Gee, and the New York Times wonders why they are losing readers.  Maybe it’s because reading their paper is like entering a time machine or reading the news in your rear view mirror.  They don’t even bother to jump on the ACORN story or the Van Jones story…one of them with communists, and the other one with corruption, hookers and pimps!

Glenn Beck Show, 0:07, 11-23-2009

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The media is not reporting.

Why is the media not reporting on a story that broke today? (09-10-09) Glenn Beck Clips Seg1, re Hannah Giles and Acorn:  Sex, Lies and ACORN in Baltimore. This is original breaking story clip

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