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Capitalism isn’t about money.

Capitalism isn’t about money, it’s about freedom–the freedom to try and fail that made the United States the richest industrial nation in the worled by 1905

Glenn Beck, Common Sense, p. 43

November 3, 2009   No Comments

Government “saves the day”.

Capitalism is in the middle of creating the tools that can alleviate many of our biggest health-care concerns. Isn’t it quintessential government to pick right now as the time to step in and “save the day”?

Glenn Beck – Arguing with Idiots page 263


October 25, 2009   No Comments

The effect of capitalism on health care.

Capitalism has provided what any honest observer would conclude is the highest-quality health-care system on the planet. Market forces don’t just encourage innovation, they force it.

Glenn Beck – Arguing with Idiots page 258


October 25, 2009   No Comments

Freedom to try, and freedom to fail.

Wake up America!  You have bought into the lie that capitalism is only about money, corporations, greedy businessmen, and corrupt politicians who cut backroom deals.  Capitalism isn’t about money, it’s about freedom — the freedom to try and fail…

Glenn Beck, Common Sense, pp. 43

October 24, 2009   No Comments

Ronald McDonald wants to kill me?

I’m pretty clear that students at UC Berkeley believe that Ronald McDonald is, in some way, out to kill me — because he’s a captitalist.

Glenn Beck, The Real America, pp. 50

October 3, 2009   No Comments