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Sunstein Seeks Administrative Power over Second Bill of Rights?

Glenn Beck (transcript of 12-18-2009):
Why would they need a Second Bill of Rights, if it was already included in our initial Bill of Rights? The right to a job, a certain pay, a home and yes, medical care.

If government provides everyone jobs, pay, a home and medical care, how would that work? Simple: communism. All the money goes to the government, who then redistributes it equally: equal pay, equal homes, equal medical care — equally bad. We saw how the system worked for the Soviet Union and China, that’s why the Second Bill of Rights ended up on the scrap heap of history.

Oh, but our neo-progressives have pulled it off that heap, dusted it off, shined it up and put a fresh coat of lipstick on that same, old, disgusting pig.

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s recently confirmed regulatory “czar,” wrote an entire book about it called, “The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’s Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More Than Ever”: said this with respect to Beck’s above opinion on Cass Sunstein:

Beck selectively quoted interview to falsely suggest Sunstein and FDR wanted to “pass” a second Bill of Rights.

The original interview by Open Mind with Cass Sunstein is here.

The key statement from Cass Sunstein:

So his(Admin:  Roosevelt’s) view of the Second Bill of Rights , which I share, is that what we should think of this as, is very much like Jefferson’s Declaration (Admin:  Declaration of Indepedence). Part of what we’re committed to, part of what defines our self-understandings, but we’re going to keep the judges out of it.

The curious part.  Cass Sunstein would like to retain in pure form his “Second bill of rights”, that is why he’d not like to give the judges power over such things.  For such a reason, he says, he would not create an actual group of paragraphs to be added to the US Bill of Rights.

So if this “Second bill of rights” was enshrined obliquely, where would it be so enshrined?  It sure looks, feels, and smells like no more or less than the Democratic Party Platform.   Of course the Constitution says explicitly that anything not explicitly given to the Federal Government is reserved to the states, and only by intentionally ignoring the Constitutionality of the “Second bill of rights” can Sunstein proceed down such a path.

Glenn Beck here is being criticized by Media Matters for “the error of stating that Sunstein wanted to pass a Second bill of rights”.  But there isn’t anything wrong with that – that is the Constitutional procedure for changing what our Constitution is.  Media Matters wants to clarify that Sunstein wants to do it under the table, and keep the judges out of it.

Sunstein, as clarified by Media Matters would like to take the power to define, promulgate, and implement a “2nd bill of rights” into the Executive branch directly.  The Administrative Branch would assume the power that the courts previously did.

A far worse reality than Beck imagined.  Here is what Beck said:

They haven’t yet passed the second Bill of Rights that FDR, Cass Sunstein, Michael Moore and others advocate, but they are desperate to lay the foundation and install the infrastructure.

Media Matters has it wrong:

Beck selectively quoted interview to falsely suggest Sunstein and FDR wanted to “pass” a second Bill of Rights.

“They” which Beck refers to is the whole of Congress.  That is the group which passes things.  Nobody would say that Cass Sunstein “passed” a Bill of Rights, he is in no position to do so. And even if the Congress “passed” a “second bill of rights”, it would have no validity until ratified by 2/3 of the states.

Yet Media Matters thinks they hit on an important point which is that FDR, Sunstein, and Moore do not “advocate passing a second bill of rights”.  What?  Sunstein does not want an honest process, but wants to grab power directly.  That’s Media Matters “clarification”?

Sunstein would ram on America, without due process and without regard for Constitutionality, without any vote in Congress, without the required ratification by the states or any attempt at passing a Constitutional Amendment, a “Second Bill of Rights”.  His admission is that the “Second Bill of Rights” not have judicial review.

Coincidentally, the “Second Bill of Rights”  is nearly identical to the “rights” expressed in the Democratic Party Platform.  In other words, the Democratic party platform would be forced on America, a country with diverse economies, political and personal philosophies, trends, and cultural standards.

Not to Cass Sunstein.

Thank you, Media Matters, for clarifying this matter.  And I am sure that your staff will appreciate our corrections to your essay – your false assertions that  Beck “selectively quoted” and “falsely claimed”.


January 27, 2010   1 Comment

Cass Sunstein – dangerous.

Back in September, I said this about Cass Sunstein. (Regulatory “Czar”). He’s really dangerous because nobody sees him coming

……I think congress is overplaying their hand and more importantly they are being outplayed anI have tried to warn you about this administration.d outmaneuvered…I think they making themselves irrelevant to a massive new federal framework that Obama seems to be erecting with all kinds of czars and everything else…They will find themselves out in the parking lot asking how did this happen?

From Glenn Beck Show,12-11-2009 transcript

ADMIN:  Beck refers here to the submarine like power of Sunstein as “Regulatory CZAR”, in which he can promote an agenda without the promotion of that agenda, or the specific rule changes and adminstrative and regulatory shifts, being totally hidden to any who did not make a detailed study of US agencies. (something in the order of magnitude of 30-50 full time people would be required to do such a job).

December 11, 2009   No Comments