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10/13/2008 – Peter Schiff On Glenn Beck

<Admin:  Here’s a snip of what Beck and Peter Schiff were talking about right after the October 2008 crash>

…I got a call from a friend of mine who is very high placed.  Everyone I know, Glenn, is reading about the Weimar Republic.  I said, Oh Geez, you mean the loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow full of money – Republic?  He said “Uh huh”.

It is what a lot of people believe is coming.  Try to find a book – on line – about the Weimar Republic – you will have a hard time finding some of the books – a lot of them are – just gone.  Who’s reading them all?

Peter Schiff, president of Europac and author of the “Little Book About Bear Moves and Bull Markets”.  Peter, worst nightmare, looks like it’s coming through…

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One day we face our children…

One day we will face our children…they will ask if our big, unaffordable homes, “free” universal health care, and “buy it now” lifestyle were worth enslaving them for.

Glenn Beck, Common Sense pp. 104

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