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How do we determine who are the Progressives? We need to know before November.

Glenn: This is really really simple. Are they for health care? Are
they for cap and trade? Are they for bigger or smaller government?

Glenn Beck Show, April 2, 2010 minute 25

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Glenn Beck, John Rich – Shutting Detroit Down


There’s a new CD, it came out today, it’s called “Son of a Preacher Man”, it came  out today, I want you to go out and get it, I want you to hear this, you know what – the song’s lyrics, you need to hear all the lyrics, they are available at  foxnews/glenn or whatever it is, also

It’s called “Shutting Detroit Down”, tell me if you don’t feel like this:

Glenn Beck Show, 3-27-2009

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Ayn Rand’s Book Atlas Shrugged.

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Why is SEIU controlling our legislation?

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Convicted Felon at the White House Party

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What does America look like after a crashed dollar?

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Keywords in the health care bill.

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The New York Times Time Machine

Take it from the New York Times.   Course they are a little late to the Glenn Party….if you want the news, maybe you should stop reading the Times.  Because they are a little bit behind the times.  Gee, and the New York Times wonders why they are losing readers.  Maybe it’s because reading their paper is like entering a time machine or reading the news in your rear view mirror.  They don’t even bother to jump on the ACORN story or the Van Jones story…one of them with communists, and the other one with corruption, hookers and pimps!

Glenn Beck Show, 0:07, 11-23-2009

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We know you are hooking…

So we know you are hooking, but you just aren’t cheap.

(Beck is addressing Senator Mary Landrieu, D-LA, whose vote on the health care Senate measure was sold for $100 million dollars in aid for Louisiana).

Or was it $300 million dollars?

Glenn Beck Show, 0:03 11-23-20009

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Glenn Beck Destroys Richard Blumenthal

(Admin: Beck interviews Richard Blumenthal, Attorney General of Connecticut regarding the thug styled effort to take the bonuses given to AIG executives away from them.)


Nobody’s asked this question:

What law did the AIG Executives break when they took those bonuses that were enabled by a legal contract?….What law did they break that gave you in Connecticut the right to go after them?

Glenn Beck Show, 03-30-2009, minute 1:45

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