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An Inconvenient Segment: Global Warming

I wrote this chapter basically as Kryptonite [

December 23, 2009   1 Comment

Al Gore, An Inconvenient Liar – Again?

December 15, 2009   No Comments

What separates ClimateGate from other conspiracies?

We have been following the climate-gate scandal this week. If you haven’t heard about it, you ain’t alone: mainstream media refuses to cover it. E-mails hacked from England’s leading climate data hub show that researchers behind the global warming hysteria, they’re just cooking the books. If you are not outraged, you should be — $145 trillion is what the solution is going to cost us….Their end goal is more than just getting you to change a light bulb. It’s redistribution of wealth.

Fox News Transcript

Glenn Beck Show, 12-2-2009

December 3, 2009   No Comments

Glenn Beck reports on ClimateGate

November 28, 2009   No Comments