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Go read the original sources.

Woman asks the question:

Glenn Beck, what can we do as lay people to have a voice in the curriculum of history in our schools, starting with elementary school but certainly when you get to American History?

Claudia Nelson asks:
As president of, I’m trying to fight the indoctrination of our children. What is the number one way to go about that?

Glenn Beck:
Home School. Are you a homeschooler? What was nuts 25 years ago is essential today.

The best thing you can do is try to convince your school to go to original sources, because once you go to original sources, there’s no thing.

Oh really, really? Tell me about these men

(here Beck points to pictures of Samuel Adams, George Washington, and Ben Franklin, icons for virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity)

I just want to have their own words taught in school – what’s your argument against that?

Oh, there’s no context.

No, their own words will provide the context.

That’s what needs to happen. I’ll tell you, I have sat with a group of college students at a private university that only teaches original sources – these kids are off the charts smart. They can think in ways that I’ve never met other Americans that think this way. It is incredible, because they read these original sources and then say “Okay, well what does that really mean” instead of having a professor or a textbook say “Now, this is what it REALLY MEANS”.

April 2, 2010   2 Comments

Today’s schools render children defenseless.

History, reading, writing, and math are secondary to the incessant indoctrination of our kids to climate change, the evils of capitalism, and the benefits of big government. This works as a general anesthesia, numbing our children and rendering them defenseless…

Glenn Beck, Common Sense, p. 91


October 27, 2009   No Comments