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Politics is like shoes and suits.

Politics in general all comes down to two things: a left-wing-tip shoe and a right-wing-tip show. …these guys in their blue suites, wearing the wing-tip shoes and red ties–the ones who wake up and think, “Is this a red-tie day or a blue-tie day?”

Glenn Beck – The Real America page 103


October 26, 2009   No Comments

Glenn Beck EXPOSED – Crying On Cue Using Vicks under His Eyes.

Various Left wing propagandists circulate this video.  They assert it shows something hypocritical about Beck.  Not quite sure of the logic, because  the clip is obviously of a photo shoot where the point is for him to make various faces.  In fact, I’ll have to add some of them to the Beck Faces page.

Maybe this is an example of preaching to the church choir, so to speak:

To those who already hate Beck, to them it confirms their bias and affirms the validity of their groupthink.

Sort of punches an emotional hot button for them, one could say.

September 19, 2009   No Comments