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Nanny State legislation.

Nanny State legislation unrealistically assumes that 100 percent of human behavior can be corrected. Even in a scary totalitarian state like China, a place that has over 60 crimes punishable by death, you will still find people who will break the law. Why is that? If their uncontested, all powerful government can create any law they want to outlaw any behavior they deem undesirable, then why does China have a need for prisons or their terrifying mobile execution vans?

Glenn Beck, Arguing with Idiots p 159

November 16, 2009   No Comments

Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts.

When you bundle together these myriad intrusions into our lives, you wind up with Death By a Thousand Paper Cuts. The Nanny State is poison to a free society, a very dangerous over extension of government that usurps our personal autonomy and undermines a wide variety of freedoms, all the while claiming that doing so is beneficial to us and our fellow citizens.

Glenn Beck, Arguing with Idiots, pp 173.

November 14, 2009   No Comments