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The Problem with the Tea Party Movement

The New York Times did this story  today, because the Tea Party movement is  powerful.  It is making a difference….

But  you know what – Here’s the problem with the Tea Party movement – all movements – all movements – this could be Republican, Democrat, all of them.

If you have the movement here, centered on the Constitution and common sense, you ‘ve got a few people here,  and over here, left and right, who wouldn’t mind hijacking this movement – hijacking the movement for crazy people, or for people just in bed with the GOP, or the  DNC

the movement that America is looking for is about independance.  Some people want to co opt the 90% in the center- you gotta not be co opted -others are trying to making the people in the 90% just look like the fringes – either way it’s not good – you must resist the urge to just get somebody electedthat’s not that guy – you must stand on principle.

We move forward in America with honor.  If we don’t we’ll just repeat the mistakes that got us to this point and that – that would be crazy.

Glenn Beck Show, Tuesday, 02-16-2010 min 38

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The New York Times Time Machine

Take it from the New York Times.   Course they are a little late to the Glenn Party….if you want the news, maybe you should stop reading the Times.  Because they are a little bit behind the times.  Gee, and the New York Times wonders why they are losing readers.  Maybe it’s because reading their paper is like entering a time machine or reading the news in your rear view mirror.  They don’t even bother to jump on the ACORN story or the Van Jones story…one of them with communists, and the other one with corruption, hookers and pimps!

Glenn Beck Show, 0:07, 11-23-2009

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