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How do we determine who are the Progressives? We need to know before November.

Glenn: This is really really simple. Are they for health care? Are
they for cap and trade? Are they for bigger or smaller government?

Glenn Beck Show, April 2, 2010 minute 25

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The story of America.

The story of America is really one of self-reliance and optimism, and profound faith. Not only in the context of religious freedom, but also in the unprecedented faith in the ability of human beings to control their own destiny.

And while the spirit of personal responsibility was extraordinarily strong with our founders, great patriots like Thomas Paine, he argued for redistribution of wealth right off the bat. Alexander Hamilton, he wanted a central bank. Well, they wound up losing those battles but there were plenty who kept can on fighting.

The Constitution kept those dogs at bay for better part of 200 years. But, eventually, those seeking a different path than the ones the founders settled on realized the only way to really defeat the Constitution was for the people to stop reading it. Progressives realized victory required changing history. To defeat them, we have to correct that.

Glenn Beck Show, 1/22/2010

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Why Progressives would erode the family.

The Progressives recognize that family is the basic, most fundamental building block of society and they realize that by degrading the power of the parents, they are establishing, in the minds of children, the power and “compassion” of the State.

Glenn Beck, Common Sense, p. 93

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Key Issues of Progressives.

there are a few key issues that Progressives are using to drive their agenda forward: the environment, gun control, education , and religion.

Glenn Beck, Common Sense, p. 68

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Progressives are patient people.

But Progressives are patient people. They move their agenda along methodically and never lose sight of where they want to take the country.

Glenn Beck – Common Sense – page 85


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