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Whoa….don’t go all Kramer on me.

Glenn Beck – GBP page hour 1 2006-11-21

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Government “saves the day”.

Capitalism is in the middle of creating the tools that can alleviate many of our biggest health-care concerns. Isn’t it quintessential government to pick right now as the time to step in and “save the day”?

Glenn Beck – Arguing with Idiots page 263


October 25, 2009   No Comments

How capitalism works in American health care.

America develops new treatments, gets them first, and yes, pays more for them. You know that fat, hairy rich guy with the hot young wife who was the first in town to buy a plasma screen when they still cost $30,000? That’s America – we’re the fat, hairy rich guy to the rest of the world.

Glenn Beck – Arguing with Idiots page 258


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The real problem with comparisons of infant mortality rates

In the US, a baby that shows any sign of life whatsoever is counted as a live birth, but other countries laugh at that crazy standard of “life” and instead use “size” or “weight” to determine whether a birth is “live”.

Glenn Beck – Arguing with Idiots page 256

Admin – regarding allegations that the US has an inferior infant mortality rate compared to other developed nations.

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Universal health care is like the line for the roller coaster at Six Flags.

The four hour emergency room target (UK regulation) led to patients starting to feel like they were at a really boring government version of a Six Flags amusement park. When you get in line for the newest, most-hyped roller coaster, you inevitably stand for hours in an everlasting snaking line of sweaty tourists before finally approaching what you think is the finish line. But when you walk into that room you realize it’s just another everlasting line snaking through even more sweaty overweight tourists wearing spandex, fanny packs, and Crocs.

Glenn Beck – Arguing with Idiots page 244

Admin:  regarding British four hour emergency room rule under national health care.

October 25, 2009   No Comments

How to understand the Middle East.

To understand Israel and the Middle East, you must understand Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Glenn Beck, The Real America, pp. 132

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An Islamic Martin Luther King is coming.

…one of the reasons they (Fundamentalist Islam) hate America so much is that they realize that the freedom of thought and religion in America will ultimately create the Islamic version of Martin Luther.

Glenn Beck, The Real America,  pp. 132

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Simple in language, complex in practice.

Make no mistake, the actions you must take are simple in language, but complex in pracice. They will demand your time, your attention, and your resolve. Have patience, but also carry a sense of urgency — the clock is ticking.

Glenn Beck – Common Sense – page 106


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Those letters probably hurt you.

Politicians, I have a message for you:  Americans do not care about the R or D after your name; in fact, those letters probably hurt you.  We care about your character.

–Glenn Beck’s Common Sense, pp. 59.

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Four steps to change.

I have found there are four steps to change:
1.  You must want it.
2.  You must believe it.
3.  You must live it.
4.  You will become it.

Glenn Beck’s – The Real America p. 4

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