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Progressivism is the disease, the cancer in America


This is the disease
This is the disease in America
It’s not just spending
It’s not just taxes
It’s not just corruption
It is progressivism

And it is in both parties – It is in Republicans and it is in Democrats.   I’m so sick of hearing “Oh well Republicans are going to solve it all” Really?  It’s just Progressive Light,just like –

it’s like someone sticks a screwdriver in your eye and someone else pulls it out and puts a pin in your eye – I don’t want stuff in my eyes – stop stabbing me in my eye

Progressivism is the cancer in America and it is eating our Constitution and it was designed to eat our Constitution to progress past the Constitution

Glenn Beck CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) meeting,  02-21-2010, minute 4:30 of an hour

February 21, 2010   3 Comments

Obama Claim: Dog of Stimulus Has Not Barked

President Obama:  “So far the dog hasn’t barked”.

Glenn Beck:  Bow Wow!  Ruff!  Grrrrr…

Dog hasn’t Barked?   It’s like a pack of wild Kujos ripping up the flesh of the American People?   I’ve given you a dozen examples over the last year of the stimulus debacle.  How about wasteful programs?

How about the incestuous handouts to invented stimulus districts?  The lawnmowers that magically created 50 jobs?  Ruff Ruff.  Grrr…

Even in his speech he misplaced 75 billion dollars.  Where did I put that 75 billion dollars?

The total of the stimulus package is not 787 billion any more.   It’s   now an est 862 billion dollars.  I’m sure the President is aware that the CBO has updated his own number.

He’s ignoring the giant Rottweiler attached to his leg.

Glenn Beck Show, 02-17-2010 minute 39

February 17, 2010   No Comments

A debt crisis is not solved with more debt.

Common sense tells us that you can’t solve a debt crisis with more debt or solve a spending crisis with more spending.

Glenn Beck, Common Sense, p. 23

November 5, 2009   No Comments

Our government spending money is no different

There is no difference between our government spending money it doesn’t have and someone off the street who runs up their credit cards with no intention of ever repaying them.

Glenn Beck – Common Sense page 29

October 24, 2009   No Comments

Wha doesn’t work with your checkbook?

If it doesn’t work in your own checkbook, it won’t work in theirs.  If it doesn’t work at your house, it won’t work at the White House.

Glenn Beck, Common Sense, pp. 13

Admin:  Quote references spending patterns by Congress and the White House.

October 15, 2009   No Comments

One day we face our children…

One day we will face our children…they will ask if our big, unaffordable homes, “free” universal health care, and “buy it now” lifestyle were worth enslaving them for.

Glenn Beck, Common Sense pp. 104

October 8, 2009   No Comments