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High School Superintendant Francis Gallo You are a Hero

Contrast those examples with what just happened in Rhode Island.

This is one of the poorest performing school districts in Rhode Island.  They are now considering firing all the teachers because they refused to adapt to longer school days – 25 minutes longer…

No no no no no! No I only work three quarters of a year! Oh no tutoring struggling students?  Absolutely not!  I have tenure!

Providence Central High School Superintendent Francis Gallo.  God bless you Francis Gallo.  Late last week she announced she had no option except to fire all 74 of the teachers after the Teacher’s Union refused to accept her improvement plan for the schools.  Fire them – if the Unions won’t do it, fire them all.  Break the back of the leach that’s on our neck.

In an interview with the Providence  Journal  Gallo blamed the union’s callous disregard for the situation for the firings claiming every teacher knew full well what would happen if they didn’t agree to the proposal.

Good Job – Francis Gallo You Are A Hero.  Look -America is a system based on merit not entitlement.  You are not entitled to a job –

jobs are not in the Bill of Rights.

They are responsibilities – they are duties.

Glenn Beck Show, Friday, 02-19-2010 minute 38

February 21, 2010   1 Comment

Congress pushes it on us, not themselves.

Congress is now pushing legislation to make unionizing in the workplace easier. Meanwhile, their legislative staffs remain union-free.

Glenn Beck, Common Sense, p. 48

November 4, 2009   No Comments