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The lies of the lecherous.

The lecherous politicians who lied to us about funding Social Security and Medicare are the same ones who now trumpeting “free” universal health care.

Glenn Beck, Common Sense, p. 30


October 30, 2009   No Comments

Universal health care is like the line for the roller coaster at Six Flags.

The four hour emergency room target (UK regulation) led to patients starting to feel like they were at a really boring government version of a Six Flags amusement park. When you get in line for the newest, most-hyped roller coaster, you inevitably stand for hours in an everlasting snaking line of sweaty tourists before finally approaching what you think is the finish line. But when you walk into that room you realize it’s just another everlasting line snaking through even more sweaty overweight tourists wearing spandex, fanny packs, and Crocs.

Glenn Beck – Arguing with Idiots page 244

Admin:  regarding British four hour emergency room rule under national health care.

October 25, 2009   No Comments