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Warning signs of Progressives in your Church

<Admin>  Beck is asking people to look at the documents, web sites and words of people in their church for these words.  The use of these phrases imply Progressives generally.  A few days prior, Beck suggested leaving churches which showed signs of contamination of Progressivism and/or which linked to communist or socialist sites.


Here’s  clear warning signs (the use of the words):

  • social justice
  • economic justice
  • or ecological justice

Glenn Beck Show, March 22, 2010 approximately 5 minutes in

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1 Crotty: Health care bill will have little, no affect on majority { 03.23.10 at 5:33 pm }

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2 Toujours De LAudace { 08.09.12 at 12:35 pm }

Generally, when they start moving away from the doctorine of the Cross, they can be places of all sorts of mischief. Christianity, in short, is a relationship, a receiving, by faith of the fulfillment of a debt we can never repay (for the doctorine of the Cross is that Jesus had to die so that His perfect righteousness could be imputed to us, while He took on all of our sins – past, present, future) When apart from that, they become (these I have seen) self-help, coffee klatsch’s, contests of who can dress more impressively, political infighting (Just in the Church, and Progressivism), and Church-by-Numbers (# of attendees, # of donations/dollars, and following pre-packaged movements *cough! RickWarren! cough! – time was, the message would be prayed out by the pastor, and worked out, him and the Lord…)
But… early warning would be when they start to swerve away from the Cross, and the Relationship that is between the believer, and getting with Him every day (I realize I have been remiss about this…), and memorizing the Bible. Yah… old ways, but they worked. When it starts to be more about feelings and numbers, it is fertile ground for turning towards Progressivism’s focus on numbers (haves and have-nots) and the darker side of feelings (anger and frustration). And from there, to run the congregation away from Christ and towards the anti-Christ of Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism, where it is all about getting even, and forsaking the thou shalt not covet….

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